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Sprout in Motion is a multi-disciplinary team supporting children and families with specialists in psychoeducational assessments and testing, psychological counseling, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, applied behavioural analysis (ABA) and therapy, and literacy remediation (using the Orton-Gillingham Approach). We support children and families who self-refer or are referred by schools and other professionals. 

We offer individual and group therapies for children and their families, including social thinking, play therapy, and mindfulness training. Our parenting groups use the Incredible Years Program.

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Sprout in Motion 是一個跨領域的專業團隊,致力為兒童和家庭提供支援。我們的服務包括:教育心理評估、職業治療、言語治療、應用行為分析學習(ABA)治療、針對讀寫障礙的 Orton-Gillingham 教學治療及心理輔導等。我們專門協助處理由學校、其他專業人士或自我轉介的兒童及家庭個案。

我們為兒童及家庭提供個人和小組治療,當中涵蓋社交思考訓練、遊戲治療和正念療法。我們的父母管教培訓小組使用最好的時光(The Incredible Years®)親職課程 。




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  • Dr. Minna Chau is one of only a handful of specialists in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology in Hong Kong.

  • Tri-lingual advantage for comprehensive assessment and direct communication with parents conducted in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

  • One of the most experienced and qualified teams in the area of child and adolescent psychology in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

  • Programs conducted in a relaxed and home-like setting convenient to many Hong Kong schools.

  • 周碧潾博士是香港少數兒童及青少年臨床心理學家其中之一。

  • 我們能以英語、廣東話或普通話進行全面評估和與父母,老師諮詢。

  • 我們亦是在香港和大灣區兒童及青少年心理學領域中最富經驗和資格的團隊之一。

  • 課程在輕鬆和如家庭般的環境中進行,增加學習的效能和樂趣。