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Psychoeducational Assessment

  • Help parents and teachers understand learning problems the child experiences and what type of targeted therapy or intervention the student requires.

  • Help understand the strengths and needs from a whole child perspective through interviews with parents and teachers, standardised testing and observation at the school. 

  • Conducted only by experienced overseas trained master and doctoral level educational and clinical psychologists.

  • Children are usually referred for suspected ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and other developmental disabilities.

  • 協助家長和老師了解孩子的學習困難及需要的針對性治療。

  • 透過與家長和教師的訪談、專業測試和學校觀察,從多角度了解孩子的優勢和需要。

  • 所有評估都是由擁有碩士或博士資格的教育或臨床心理學家進行,他們都於海外接受專業訓練,經驗豐富。

  • 被轉介的兒童都懷疑患有過度活躍症、閱讀障礙、自閉症和其他發展障礙。

Psychological counseling

  • All our psychologists are highly skilled, experienced and accredited clinicians who have in-depth understanding of the psychological, social, behavioural and emotional needs of children and adolescents, as well as their families.

  • If a child is experiencing excessive worries, distress, sadness, irritability or behavioural difficulties, it is helpful to seek professional advice to ensure their optimum development, growth and adjustment.

  • All interventions are expertly tailored for each child, focusing on their strengths and interests, while addressing challenges or concerning issues such as mood difficulties, developmental delay, trauma and loss, socio-communication issues, attentional concerns, behavioural challenges, cognitive deficits, familial stress and conflict.

  • 假若孩子出現過度憂慮、悲傷、煩躁等情緒或行為問題,尋求專業建議能確保他們達致最佳的身心成長發展和調整。

  • 所有介入活動都是根據孩子的需要來制訂。除了著重他們的優勢和興趣外,同時亦強調不同的挑戰,例:情緒困難、發育遲緩、情感創傷、社交困難、注意力、行為問題、認知缺陷、家庭壓力或衝突等問題。

Speech and language therapy 

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  • Assessment and intervention available in areas including receptive and expressive language development, production and use of speech sounds, fluency/ stuttering, social communication, auditory processing and critical thinking skills.

  • Sessions may be conducted individually or in small groups, depending on the needs of the child.

  • For younger children, a family-oriented approach is often used. Sessions will address the way you speak to, as well as play and read books with your child, in order to facilitate language learning and vocabulary development in everyday life.

  • For school-age children, sessions may focus on problem solving, verbal reasoning, and organising thoughts and ideas for oral and written expression. Interactive activities such as presentations and theme-based projects are used to make our goals meaningful and functional.

  • 進行個別評估和制訂治療方案,當中包括語言理解及表達能力、語音運用、說話流暢度、社交溝通能力、聽覺處理能力和批判性思維能力。

  • 對於年幼的孩童,課程將改善您與孩子交談、伴讀和玩遊戲的形式,以促進日常生活中的語言學習和詞彙發展。

  • 對於學齡兒童,課程或會針對推理解難和處事條理能力,協助學童改善口頭或書寫的表達方式,從而有條理地表達自己的想法。

Occupational Therapy

  • Occupational therapists assess and treat children who have a delay or difficulty that affects their ability to independently perform everyday activities.

  • Occupational therapy helps children to develop their abilities in fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory processing, self-care, attention and overall independence. 

  • This service can allow parents to understand their children and provide intervention and/or strategies for both home and school to help overcome these challenges.

  • Occupational therapy can include parent meetings, child assessments, parent feedback, intervention sessions, school or home interventions, and more. 

  • 職能治療師為發展遲緩或因發展困難而影響日常活動獨立能力的孩子進行個別評估和治療。

  • 幫助兒童發展大小肌肉的操作技能、感統、自我護理、注意力和整體獨立性。

Behavioural TherapY

  • Naturalistic teaching aims to emphasize the physical and social contexts in which learning occurs, what is motivating for the child, and what the child is most likely to want to communicate. 

  •  Through an individualised, naturalistic play-based approach, children with ASD, ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders will develop language, social communication, and emotional regulation skills.

  • The child becomes the focal point of social interactions and has more control over preferred activities and topics of conversation.

  • Providing choices for the child increases the motivation to learn and provide opportunities to learn from the consequences of their choices. Naturalistic teaching allows the generalization of skills acquired as learning occurs in a variety of natural environments.

  • 由分析孩子身邊的環境和人物,理解孩子做決定的原因,以及希望表達的訊息。

  • 對於患有自閉症、過度活躍或其他發展障礙的學童,通過個人化和自然的遊戲方式,從而改善孩子的語言、社交和控制情緒的能力。

Literacy instruction

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  • Literacy instruction is provided in phonemic awareness, phonics, analysis of syllables, morphology, reading comprehension, reading fluency and written composition. The Orton-Gillingham Approach provides highly effective instruction for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities.

  • A multi-sensory approach engages students by using visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities simultaneously.  This makes learning interesting, fun and most of all…memorable!

  • Concepts are presented in a systematic, structured and cumulative manner.  Students gain mastery in a concept before additional concepts are added. Not only are instructional gaps eliminated, students feel empowered in their own learning process.

  • Individualized instruction allows for a diagnostic and prescriptive approach tailored for each child. 

  • 提供針對性的教學,改善音素意識、語音及音節分析、閱讀理解、閱讀流暢性和撰寫文章等技巧。Orton-Gillingham 教學法有效地幫助患有讀寫障礙和其他語言學習障礙的孩子。

  • 以多感官教學方法中的視覺、聽覺和觸覺模式來引起學生的學習動機,並利用有系統的教學架構來傳達概念。

social thinking

  • Teaches children how to reflect upon their behaviour when in the company of others and to learn to consider their thoughts and feelings.

  • Best known approach for students with high-functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome, nonverbal learning disabilities, ADHD and similar difficulties, diagnosed and undiagnosed.

  • Students are matched by age and ability level at a small teacher-student ratio to provide optimal, high-quality learning for each child's unique needs.

  • 教導孩子與他人溝通時,反思自己的行為,並學會考慮他人的想法和感受。

  • 著名的教學法,以助患有高功能自閉症和阿斯伯格綜合症、非語言學習障礙、過度活躍、相似障礙或疑似障礙等學童改進社交互動及情感交流。

mindfulness training

  • Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment.

  • Mindfulness practice has shown benefits in improving children’s attention and social skills, reducing test anxiety, establishing calmness, and increasing self-regulation.

  •  It is shown to be highly effective with children with anxiety and attention problems.

  • 正念是指有意識地將注意力集中在當前一刻並接受自己的想法。

  • 有證據顯示,正念練習有效提升兒童的注意力和社交技巧,減少考試焦慮,建立平靜的心境和增加自我控制能力。

  • 正念能有效幫助有焦慮和注意力問題的兒童控制情緒和行為。

The Incredible Years parenting Program
最好的時光(The Incredible Years)親職課程

  • The Incredible Years Program is the most researched program with proven long-lasting results to equip parents of young and school-aged children with skills that promote positive parent/child bonds, social skills and academic prerequisite skills.

  • These skills include: how to play with children; social, emotional, academic and persistence skills coaching; effective praise and use of incentives; establishing predictable routines and rules to promote responsibility; effective limit-testing; strategies to manage misbehaviour and teach children to problem solve.

  • In this comprehensive group training, co-leaders use videotapes and guide role play and peer support through a nurturing, nonjudgmental approach to reduce problematic behaviours in children that interfere with learning and socialisation.

  • This is one of the few evidenced-based effective treatments for children with ADHD and ASD.

  • 有研究顯示,最好的時光(The Incredible Years)親職課程可以長遠地促進父母和學齡兒童的正面關係,改善社交技能和提升學習能力。

  • 課程涵蓋的技能包括:如何與孩子一起玩耍;針對社交、情感、解難等技能指導;善用稱讚技巧;建立良好的習慣和責任心;如何正視不良行為等等。

Play Therapy

  • Play therapy uses creative forms of communication including story telling, images and metaphors, sand play, puppetry, art, and music.

  • Play therapy integrates talking and nonverbal signals while building relationships and self-esteem. 

  • Play therapy aims to help children deal with relationship conflicts, post-traumatic stress, grief and loss, and attachment issues.

  • 遊戲治療利用不同的創意形式來進行治療,例:講故事、看圖像、玩沙子、木偶、觀賞藝術和聽音樂等活動。

  • 遊戲治療融合交談和非語言訊息,在兒童與人建立關係和自信的同時,亦助他們處理人際關係衝突、創傷後壓力、喪失和悲傷等問題。

Parent-Child Interaction THERAPY

  • PCIT is an evidence-based treatment that has been repeatedly proven to effectively reduce disruptive behaviours in children such as those with ADHD.

  • Parents receive live coaching from a clinical psychologist to provide timely, effective responses and guidance to teach children social emotional skills.

  • The child is able to learn new skills to replace problematic behaviour and parents experience less stress handling challenging children.

  • Proven to be effective for children between the ages of 2-7 years old. 

parent and teacher workshops

  • We provide workshops to parents, schools, teachers and professional organizations.

  • We provide a wide range of topics depending on your needs including psychology, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy. 

  • Our workshops provide practical strategies, improve awareness of best practice, and allow parents to gain better understanding of their children.