Why Choose Sprout In Motion

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Why Sprout?

Sprout in Motion is unique. We are immensely proud of our caring and supportive team and environment. Many families who come to us are often worried about how their children will feel coming into a clinic. However, our space doesn't seem like a clinic at all, but a wonderfully imaginative play space. Dr. Minna has gone to enormous lengths to create a warm and nurturing physical environment.   Our magical backyard of a reception area includes a tree house and toys in bright, whimsical surroundings. This warm and nurturing environment is extended through the whole clinic and the clinicians are no exception. The clinicians at Sprout are all well qualified and experienced but more than that they care deeply about each family who comes through the door, going that extra mile to provide the best possible support and guidance.

 As we needed to expand from our little yellow house in Central, we looked at many sites before settling on Wong Chuk Hang. The Global Trade Square Centre mirrors the culture we adopted in Chancery Lane in Central and offers a wonderful opportunity to expand and better support families. Bringing a piece of our little yellow house to Southside offers more convenient access for many of our families and provides us the space to offer a greater range of services.